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'Naked' Cake Menu


Classic Victoria sponge with fresh fruit or jam, vanilla buttercream or whipped cream, and vanilla syrup


Elderflower and gooseberry Victoria sponge with elderflower syrup


Carrot cake with orange cream cheese frosting


Pineapple hummingbird cake with cream cheese frosting


Lemon cake with homemade lemon curd and lemon buttercream


Chocolate cake with dark and white chocolate ganache buttercreams


White chocolate cake with passion fruit conserve and white chocolate buttercream


White chocolate and lime cake with lime curd and white chocolate buttercream


Chocolate cake with dulche de leche and sea salt and dark chocolate buttercream


Red velvet and raspberry cake with vanilla cream cheese buttercream


Black forest cake with kirsch poached cherries and Chantilly cream


Apricot and almond cake with apricot conserve and crème fraiche d’Isigny


Peach and lavender cake with lemon glaze


Peach mousse cake with peach conserve and peach buttercream


Strawberry and white chocolate cake


Strawberry and elderflower cake with mascarpone


English rose cake with raspberry buttercream


Hazelnut cake with blackberry conserve and blackberry buttercream


Apple cinnamon cake with brown butter buttercream


Apple parsnip and rosemary syrup cake with cinnamon buttercream


Fig and almond cake with honey vanilla cream


Cardamom cake with blueberry conserve and blueberry buttercream


Maple syrup cake

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